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Real deal Italian food in Avon Lake

Come to Pizza Cutter and try our pizza specials in Avon Lake!
At Pizza Cutter you can enjoy the best Italian food Avon Lake has to offer. Our spectacular Italian subs and cheesy calzones are second to none. If you don’t believe that, trust your stomach. For a mouth-watering experience, visit or call us today!


Pizza Cutter of Avon Lake, OH specializes in mouth-watering Italian food, including homemade, Sicilian-style pizza. Our pizzas are available in Small (6 Slices, Feeds 2), Large (8 Slices, Feeds 3 to 4) and X-Large (12 Slices, Feeds 4 to 6). Some of our favorite toppings include:
•  Cheese
•  Pepperoni
•  Mushrooms
•  Onions
•  Green Peppers
•  Banana Peppers
•  Italian Sausage
•  Black Olives
•  Anchovies
•  Ham
•  Bacon
•  Pineapple  

Spectacular Subs and Calzones

Pizza Cutter’s Italian food menu is sure to excite every taste bud. In addition to pizza, we have delicious 10-inch subs, including a Ham & Cheese Sub, Steak Sub and our famous Italian/Cold Cutter Sub. Or, if you prefer, bite into one of our hot and tasty calzones. All calzones come with provolone cheese, garlic seasoning and a side of marinara sauce.

... and More!

If you’re looking for a quiet night in or just want a tasty excuse not to do the dishes, trust Pizza Cutter of Avon Lake to make it happen. We serve more than just traditional Italian food. Order now and feast on wings, available in BBQ, Hot and Teriyaki flavors, or our fresh, cheesy breadsticks. 
Italian food in Avon Lake, OH
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